What We Do:

Disaster Response:

Rapid Response, respond immediately to families affected by natural disasters with food aid, water and essential items and also work towards rehabilitation of the affected families. Our emergency responses are timely, at appropriate scale and scope, providing high quality programs, efficiently, effectively, safely and securely for the most vulnerable people and their families.

  • Rescue, Food & Water Distribution, Biscuit & Milk Pocket Distribution,

  • Medical Camps,

  • Relief Kit, Bed Kit, Hygiene Kit, Shelter Kit and Educational Kit Distribution,

  • Livelihood Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Water and Sanitation facilities.

  • Disaster Preparedness:

    We are actively engaged with vulnerable communities and preparing them to cope with emergencies. Through Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) program and other initiatives, we are preparing the vulnerable communities to manage disasters better and minimise the impact of natural disasters.

  • Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Program,

  • Comprehensive School Safety Program for Children,

  • SMS based Disaster Preparedness and Early Warning System,

  • Promoting Mangroves for Coastal Defence.

  • Bihar Floods - Help Needed

    Assam Flood Relief Appeal

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