• Cyclone Fani Relief
    Cyclone Fani Relief
    Let's Help the People of Odisha

Cyclone Fani left a trail of destruction in Odisha. We are providing relief and recovery support to the affected communities. Please contribute...

Cyclone Fani Relief Appeal

On 03rd May 2019 Cyclone Fani made a landfall with heavy rains and wind speed up to 200 kmph, left a trail of destruction in Odisha. The Cyclone has affected lakhs of people, disrupted communications, levelled hundreds of homes and destroyed crops and livelihoods. Our team is on the ground providing relief and recovery support. To scale our relief efforts, we need your support. Please help us to support the worst affected families to recover from this Extremely Severe Cyclone.

Dry Ration for 5 families @ Rs 5,000
Bed Kit for 10 families @ Rs 10,000
Education Kit for 40 children @ Rs 25,000
Solar Lamp for 10 families @ Rs 30,000

Livelihood Support (Ex.Goat) for 5 families @ Rs 50,000
Shelter Support for 1 family @ Rs 75,000