Blanket Project - Winter Appeal

Why Blankets?

The brutal night cold troubles millions of Indians who have made the streets their home! This initiative trying to bring some warmth into their lives!

How we started this Initiative:

This initiative has started after our return from Jammu Kashmir Flood Relief in 2014. During our stay at Kashmir, the temperature was 2 degree Celsius. We find extremely difficult to pass through the nights at the hotel. In that same situation, we have witnessed several homeless people mostly old age sleeping on the streets without proper clothing and blanket. We were deeply disturbed by those scenes and started our blanket drive across India.

Where We Distribute:

Based on the Temperature Index and Considering the large number of homeless people, we have chosen these six cities.

Delhi | Banglore | Hyderabad | Lucknow | Srinagar | Guwahati

Thousands of homeless, including women and children are facing sleepless nights throughout the winter in these urban pavements, platforms and railway stations. Let's Donate a Blanket to the Homeless!