Our corporate partners play an important role in adding to Rapid Response’s resource capacity. They contribute funding, technology, products, expertise and other services that support our humanitarian activities.

As the number of natural disasters increases, their support has become even more important. With their help, we are delivering timely and effective assistance and implement programmes that help communities not just recover, but thrive.

A partnership with Rapid Response can be mutually beneficial. It provides corporates with an opportunity to engage with their employees and demonstrate compassion for humanity, as well as to make a lasting impact on the victims of natural disasters.

Employee Engagement Programs:

Over the years, our association with India's leading MNCs helped us to understand the needs of Employee Engagement. Our corporate volunteering programs are designed to create high impact at low cost. Our experienced volunteer coordinators have the ability to handle the engagement at scale across major cities in India.

To discuss how your corporate can collaborate with us, please call: 7845022808 | email:


At Rapid Response, we constantly work on how to get better at what we do.

Having worked in several major disasters earlier, we understand the challenges faced in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters. If you think you could help us with better and more effective solutions to the challenges we face, we are keen to work with you in technology, innovation and creative partnerships.

To discuss how your corporate can collaborate with us, please call: 7845022808 | email:


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