One Million Seed balls Project

About One Million Seed balls Project:

The Seed Ball project focuses on increasing green cover across India, especially cyclone or drought affected areas. The process involves making golf ball-sized mixture of soil, seeds and compost, and scattering it in suitable places for trees to grow.

Why Seed Balls?

Among many initiatives to improve green cover, making and distributing seed balls is a quicker and cost-effective method to reclaim the lost green cover of our environment. Hence, it is an emerging afforestation technique adopted worldwide, seed balls are most commonly used for ecological restoration.

Why One Million Seed Balls?

Every year, India losing millions of trees due to Cylcone, Forest Fire and Drought. Cyclone Gaja in Tamilnadu and Forest fire in Karnataka are the recent examples of major tree loss. Through this project we aim to regain those green covers with native trees.

Making seed balls is fun and an easy way to grow trees. The composition of seed ball makes it self-sustainable and favourable for germination in most environments.

We invite corporate & schools to participate and contribute towards our goal of one million seed balls.